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What We Offer

With our one-time/ routine extermination procedures, we strive each time to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free home or office.


Our carpet treatments which might include a carpet fumigation help you get rid of beetle larvae on your carpets before they spread and completely infect your properties. We offer both regular and large-scale carpet treatments for residential and commercial spaces respectively.

Carpet Treatment


Domestic Pest Control

Arachnid pests and insects breed especially in older homes but even the best managed property can be susceptible to termites, ants, rats, mice, hornets and more. Our technicians know that to get completely rid of these pests, expert skills of scouring for the entry points for these prolific pests; evaluation of the reasons why pests invade your home and proper effective treatment for one-time/routine extermination is required. Our years of expertise enables us to understand the nature and habit of different types of pests, crawling into attics, lofts and other dark and dingy spaces for pest infestation evaluation and implementing the right fumigation techniques to keep them out of your home.


Commercial Disinfestation

We’d provide you with a free consultation about the kinds of pests infesting your property, their entry points, the treatments needed, precautionary measures and the timeframe in which you can expect positive results. We specialise in providing speedy yet effective pest control so that not much of your business hours are spent while we work on getting rid of the unwelcome guests. We also examine if repairs can be made so as to prevent the pest issues from recurring so you can stay away from what’s bad for your business.

Pest Control Products

Our pest control products and treatment methods assure you complete riddance of bugs and pests without the use of any hazardous mediums or chemicals detrimental to your health or that of your loved ones, or that in any way harm your landscaping, pets and the overall infrastructure of your property.

The Unwanted Intruders

Whether it’s a rodent problem, a termite issue or a bedbug hassle, our pest infestation evaluation methods are full-proof in determining their entry points, the types of pests and their treatment methods.


They are everywhere. From flying variants to cockroaches with a strong and offensive smell, they are mostly visible in summers and multiply heavily and stealthily.

Cockroach Control


It is due to termites that we find spaces to build homes as they feed on dead trees and foliage but when they intrude your home, they become dangerous to the life of the property with hundreds of thousands of them at work.

Termite Troubles


Rodents, like cockroaches, commonly invade homes to feed on your food and fabric. They are the carriers of Bubonic plague and can cause Leptospirosis that can lead to kidney damage,liver and respiratory problems, meningitis and is fatal too.

Rodent Ruckus


Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs invade homes,commercial complexes,movie halls, hospitals and transportation systems and are often found hiding inside mattresses, linens, bedding, backpacks, clothing, travel bags, shoes and other such areas


Insect Issues

Some crawling and flying insects such as spiders, ants, mites, fleas, mosquitoes and flies can add to the disease-causing and unhygienic environment at your space. Regular inspection and preventive measures are a must to get rid of these infestations.

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