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Insects information


 If you spot one cockroach at your place, it is quite possible that there are more. There are four primary cockroaches that are commonplace, disease-ridden and feed on rotten, fermented foods and garbages. These nocturnal creatures are one of the most despised pests but are seen everywhere – at homes, in restaurants, commercial complexes, movie halls or at a realtor’s office. German cockroaches multiply really quickly and can occupy crawlspaces, attics, cabinets, inside walls, basements, dark crevices, spaces behind electronic equipment and tiny openings at your space. They are some of the most difficult pests to control but at the same time, it’s necessary to exterminate them before they multiply way too much and contaminate your space with disease-causing germs.

Our pest control products are created to effectively tackle roasters and cockroaches and preventing any future infestations, for which, we inspect your property, look into each and every nook and corner of your property and assess if there has been any cockroach infestation. Our pest control procedures include emergency visits, ongoing preventive processes, scheduling visits as per your time and convenience and exterminating cockroaches and their colonies with our integrated pest management practices that are family-friendly, odourless and customized as per your needs and specifications.



Bites from both the adult and nymph bedbug varieties can cause skin inflammation, eczema or lymphangitis. Bedbugs could be living in your suitcase, backpack, clothing, sofas, shoes, mattress seams, wardrobes or any other secluded area. Our pest control services in Malta help identify the type of bugs and their hideouts, and then use fumigation techniques, heat and other tools to eradicate any and all bedbugs and their eggs from your property. After the treatment is done, we carry out a complete inspection and check for any noticeable signs or symptoms of a bed bug infestation over time after the treatment to assess if the final signs of bedbug invasion have been taken care of. 


If your property is infested by fiercely multiplying rats, the problem is much bigger than what meets the eye. These clever gnawing creatures carry infectious germs as they stealthily feed on your food, increasing chances of salmonella and bubonic plague. They can enter your home or office through PVC water pipes, toilet systems, drainage areas, causing short circuits and damaging properties by chewing on everything a building is made of. Our professional pest service control with strategies to prevent the access of rats and mice, discovering their exact location inside a property, complete extermination and protection against future invasions using effective pest control products offer a long-term and reliable solution. 



Hornets either build underground nests or ones hanging from the trees and their stings are not only painful but also have an allergic reaction. They are aggressive during attacks and are bald-faced with yellow and black jacket-like body covering. These territorial creatures can perceive you as an intruder if your dwelling is close to their nest or hideout. Our expertise in treating bees, wasps and hornets with the right equipment will effectively resolve hornet infestation issues at your yard, attic, walls, foundations and other such spaces in your home.


Often searching for new areas to infest with their hundreds of thousands of members in their colonies, and slowly chipping away at all the wooden structures in your home, office or business, termites are nothing short of a nightmare for your property. We evaluate your space, the degree of termite infestation and the susceptibility of your property to termite invasions so that we can strategically plan a one-time extermination of these pests based on the specific issues you are facing at your space, before they eat away your prized possessions. Our regular inspections and analysis of hard-to-reach corners help us assess any re-infestation issues.

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