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About us


About ODIS

We understand the different threats and risks posed by varied pests in Santa Venera, Malta from the structural damages to your property to the diseases and health problems they pose.

We’re qualified to deal with different types of pests and provide extermination services in Malta for their entire colonies. Our cost effective treatment for successful domestic and commercial pest control has earned us a wide reputation over these years as we are fully committed to the health and safety of your home, office and/or business.

Established in 2013 as Competitive Pest Services, we came to be known as Odis Pest Control in 2018. Our expert pest control specialists are equipped to identify and determine the extent of pest infestation at your home, office or commercial areas. We keep abreast with the products, pest removal strategies, their breeding techniques and more. We use latest and high quality products and technologies for domestic and commercial pest control to effectively weed out the existing colony of pests from your home and office spaces and mitigate the chances of pest entries and infestations in the future. Our routine inspections for extermination services in Malta help us assess if some entry points for the pests need to be sealed and whether the pests can be detected early on for quicker removal.

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