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Odis Pest Control

Our pest control services in Malta take into consideration effective and modern techniques, hygienic products and the newest developments in the extermination industry.

Why Choose us ?

Our expert technicians use professional pest control procedures in Malta aimed towards effective results while taking care of customer safety. We are fully licensed and insured pest removal service organization adhering to the safety protocols as well as the legal and ethical standards. 

We guarantee complete client satisfaction with our high-quality pest control products and value for money deals. We are well-equipped with the latest pest control technologies. Our highly-trained and skilled experts are proficient in fumigation, pest infestation evaluation and complete pest extermination treatments meted out over a period of time or on a one-time basis. Our efficient pest disinfestations in Malta for domestic and commercial spaces target all different kinds of pests including but not limited to bedbugs and hornets to ants, rodents, flies and cockroaches.


Full-proof Treatment

Our expert pest control specialists are equipped to identify and determine the extent of pest infestation at your home, office or commercial areas. Once this is done, we ensure that we use effective treatments and strategies such as fumigation integrated with industry best practices.


Professional Approach

We have a humane, professional and family-friendly approach to pest control services, while catering to the hygiene factor especially for children and pets. Our pest control products and treatment methods assure you complete riddance of bugs and pests without the use of any hazardous mediums or chemicals.


Targeting All Pests in different life stages

Our treatments are designed to destroy all pest varieties in different life stages along with their entire colonies.

Pest Infestations

Our trusted and experienced pest management specialists will protect your home and business in Malta with utmost care, patience and efficiency.  


Domestic Pest Control

We know that arachnid pests and insects breed especially in older homes 


Carpet Treatment

Pests such as carpet beetles and moths breed in fabric, furniture and carpets.

Commercial Disinfestation

Businesses can suffer a lot of property damage and loss of money if they are invaded with unwanted intruders.  

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